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Dog training for aggressive pit bulls can be a walk in the park, Three pit bulls with issues after a great training day! What a good looking group! No blue feelings here!

Minnesota Dog Behavior Training

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Are you stressed over the thought of having to surrender or even euthenize your dog due to aggressionanxiety, fear behaviors? Is your Dog putting a strain on your family because of his destructive behaviors or is hyper-active? Do you feel your dog is Anti Social because of the above issues or some other quirky behavior and wish he could just learn to be social and balanced? 


We have proven time after time, All Dog Behaviors can be fixed. Even Red Zone Aggression, Extreme Fear and Phobias and Destructive Separation Anxiety.


Help Local Rescue Animals!

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Do you like Dogs or Cats? Puppies and Kittens? Horses, birds, lizards?  The list goes on about where the compassion, heart and love for the thousands of animals that are misplaced, given up on or taken away from there loving owners because of something out of the owner’s control?

You can help save the animals that need it. Buying a shirt, will add to many important pieces when rescue organizations rescue an animal like: training, food, veterinary care, blankets and beds and much more!

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Save a life. Given a local Minnesota rescue dog, cat or any other shelter animal the one thing they deserve, Loyalty, happiness, hope and a future.